"Talent wins games, but teamwork
and intellingence win champioships".
- Michael Jordan -

Working at GR3N

We strongly believe a company is made of its people, and that is important to achieve success, as a person and as a professional. Working with us can be Challenging,Motivating,Hard,Funny,Interesting,Satisfying,Inspiring,Significant,Rewarding,True or simply aligned with what you are looking for.


Our Values


We are fully committed to what we are doing, because we believe in what we are doing.

Scientific approach

There is no other way to demonstrate what can and can’t be done.


Be different to grow. Be different to learn. Be different to teach. Be different to be more powerful.


We are part of a team: Your job is affecting what others are doing, and you are also affected by what your teammates are doing.

Some of Our People