The executive team

Maurizio Crippa

Maurizio has more than 15 years of academic research experience on functional and structural materials (i.e., organic materials for opto-electronic, conductive polymers and hybrid inorganic materials).

Maurizio Crippa, PhD

CEO - Founder
Matteo Parravicini

Matteo has more than 10 years of international experience in the field of chemistry of materials as researcher and Head of R&D. He is also an expert in chemical processing for plastics.

Matteo Parravicini, PhD

COO - Founder
Franco A. Cavadini

Franco supervised the design and realization of several complex industrial automation solutions, bridging the gap between research and industry thanks to his innovation-oriented approach.

Franco A. Cavadini, PhD

Umberto Pavesi

Umberto worked in the asset management industry in Paris and NYC. He also worked as Deputy Manager at the Italian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and as Investment Manager.

Umberto Pavesi

Fabio Silvestri

Fabio worked on R&D, product development and innovation, with everytime the idea to create value for both the company and the client/customer.

Fabio Silvestri, PhD

Head of Marketing and Business Development
Alessandro Sanzone

Alessadnro holds a PhD in Chemistry from University of Milano-Bicocca, working on the synthesis of derivatives for organic electronics. From 2018 he is part of gr3n team.

Alessandro Sanzone, PhD

Head of R&D